04 March 2012

a whole month?!

what I've been up to:

* PTO - ing like a mad woman. yes, really. someone's got to do it. I'm working with another Mom to build a school library. Can you believe the school had NO library?

* trying to read something for myself. this actually.

* working on a baby blanket like this one. But in white, coffee, pink and berry colours.

I'm loving working up the pattern and how quickly a baby blanket comes together. My other project right now is HUGE. like double sized bed huge. Remember this one? yeah, I still haven't finished it yet.....

* falling woefully behind on laundry (and my google reader) and housework in general. sigh.

* very much missing my bloggy buddies all over place. If I haven't been commenting, I'm wicked sorry.

Here's to March being a better bloggy month. In the meantime wish me luck with this library project, it's waaay bigger than both of us expected.


affectioknit said...

the blanket is pretty!

Have a lovely day!

Liesl said...

Hope all your projects are keeping you busy is a good way! :)