12 December 2010

advent activities.

day eight: decorate foam trees scored on last year's clearance.

foam trees!

foams trees! H

They loved this. ( kindly ignore the messy house behind the children. pretty please...) I got a pack of regular little star stickers and a bunch of jewels from the Michael's clearance aisle.

day nine: Bake a snowman cake.

snowman cake

(How do you feel about the low winter light? good different or no-good? I can't decide...)

No icing in the house? That's okay, powdered sugar looks better this time of year. to me. Hazelnut buttons and raisin face. That's what we had in the house... He's cute AND good for you!

And I'm working on this blanket. Anyone remember it? From like...last November?

plugging away

Yeah, that one that I put down and forgot about. Now it's traveling with me, getting picked up here and there. Like when the bridge is closed. Could I just be putting off the Christmas crochet I should be finishing (read: starting)...?

How are your advent activities going?


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Okay -- I think I've found a kindred crocheting soul. I love the fact that you haul your crocheting with you. Me too!

Simone said...

Hello Elizabeth! I have just found you again after ages!!! I hope you and the boys are well. I bet they enjoyed decorating the foam trees and the snowman cake looks wonderful!x