03 November 2009

it's done!

For the past two months, this bag has gone everywhere with me. Family visits, appointments, long drives, everywhere.

It started on the very long drive. And now, it's done!

It's the biggest thing I've ever crocheted! My ripple blanket!

ripple done full shot

Fifty-one beautiful stripes, twenty colours, two months, one great blanket!

ripple done

That was put immediately on the bed just in time for the cold nights we've been having, mmmmm.

ripple on the bed

The finished size is fifty-one by seventy-four inches, yeah an odd size, but that's as far as I could reach in the cab of a dump truck. And no one's coming to check my work, right? haha!

Now I need to pick Harry's blanket back up. And then there's that neutral ripple.

And that granny I started.

And the Sunburst grannies....

I guess I have a whole winter worth of work in front of me. But who can really complain about a blanket growing in your lap? I can't wait to finish the next one. But which one will it be?


-Tee- said...

Awesome job!! Now, can you do me a favor and help me think of some recipes to include in my nonperishables "cookbook"?? lol

Check out the link to get more info...

affectioknit said...

It's lovely!

Amy said...

It is so pretty! I love it!

Liesl said...

Congratulations on finishing it up! And it's beautiful! :)

Jill said...

Ahhh, I remember when this beautiful blanket was just a ripple in your eye. It is amazing - great job!

I started a blanket for myself this weekend. I expect I'll still be at it two months from now... we'll see.

Have fun with all the other projects!!
- Jill

Tam @ 1/4 of an inch said...

You've done a beautiful job..isn't it wonderfully satisfying to have it completed? Well done...Two months is a great effort! Tam xo

Leanne said...

I really like this blanket. I'd love to make a blanket like this one day... but I need to learn to crochet first!

Regis said...

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Amanda said...

Beautiful!! Love the colors. I wish I could crochet, just to make one of those blankets and some granny squares. Guess I'll have to finish my striped knitted blanket instead. 3 years in the making, almost!!!

Amanda said...

It's absolutely gorgeous...The colors are all very soothing...I don't have time but I want to make antoher ripple now:P