02 November 2009

phew, what a weekend!

Well I sure hope everyone had a great Halloween! We had a blast, it was our first year trick or treating after all, what can top the excitement of running the streets after dark, with a big kid (we got to go with my cousin's family) and a whole bag of free candy to boot?

Harry decided to be an Ant, there's a good shot of his "ant butt", er, metasoma.

Ant butt

I wish I had a better shot of his extra arms and antennae, it was really too cute all together. And what's that in the background? on the seat? Right there?

Amy's cookies

Amy's Ginger Molasses cookies that are taking the blogosphere by storm, haha! Did I mention these are so freaking good?

William was a bee again because, well because he could care less about dressing up really. Next year will be the big year.

my boys

But really Uncle Reg had everyone beat out with his vampire make-up by Becca.

Uncle Reg!

We did keep joking though that he really looked like dead Elvis, haha!

Oh I wish Halloween lasted longer, like Christmas! I'm off to pack away my ghosties and witchy-bits until next year.

And I have something big to share tomorrow! Something I'm thrilled to death to show off, come back and see!


Amy said...

Metasoma? Who knew.

affectioknit said...

Cute costumes - yummy cookies!

Regis said...