04 November 2009

Mail call!


Hmmm. A Package for me?

Who's it from?

fancy lady cookies tag

Oh! Of course! I was the proud winner of a very generous giveaway from Miss Torie Jayne! ( Go see her, she has the prettiest photo-filled posts! )

Ooh this looks good already...

fancy lady cookies sticker

Yay! Cookies! From the Fancy Lady!

fancy lady cookies wrapped

And more?

fancy lady cookies boxed box

Check out this beautiful box! That little tie there.

fancy lady cookies box

Pretty cards. And...

fancy lady cookies cards

More cookies! Each tied with a little pink bow! ( I'm so goofy, I'm almost as excited about the free ribbon as the cookies, haha! )

fancy lady cookies pretty

fancy lady cookies bite

Mmm. What diet?

If you want some of these for your own, Visit The Fancy Lady's etsy shop. And her website is offering free cupcakes. Really. Go See.

fancy lady cookies card


affectioknit said...

Sweet! Congratulations!

Jessica said...

yahoo! Awesome mail!

Torie Jayne said...

They look so good! I am so pleased for you.x