08 September 2009

rippling more.

harry's ripple-ghan

I'm working on Harry's two-tone rippler and my ghan of many colours right now and it looks like ripples are just the way to go this season. ( She said in her best high fashion voice, haha!)

Miss Carina has some beautiful brights going on in her lap. All those colours make me wish for maybe just a little more summertime.

And dottie angel ( my new crochet/style crush! ) has the most perfect wonky wave I have ever seen. It makes me think that maybe a line of doilys down the edge of every afghan may be required from here on out. Makes me wish I had asked about the prices on that basket of them I saw in NY. Ugh, the agony of a missed deal. You thrifters know what I mean.

Click on over and see the beauty. And let me know if you're rippling away somewhere, I'd love to peek!


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