17 July 2009


Yipes, I'm quite late posting today.

And busy! I'm off to dinner at a friend's new home.

So here's just a few:


my hot shoes, crunching

23 April first tulip

Grading colour 2


Okay, I kind of just raided my photostream because I was short on time today. But I do have a yellow post from a while back I can share: here.

And did you see this on flickr?

Who else has some yellow in their lives?

Theresa of course.
And Rebecca.
Amy has the best mirrors in the world.
And Vanessa has yellow by coincidence.
Liesl is in too.

Azzy has red and orange up. and now yellow, too!
And Amanda has orange too. and now yellow!

And Mindee has joined in.

Have a great weekend everyone, get plenty of Green shots for Monday!


Anonymous said...

Hello! I know I am entering halfway through, but I would love to join in. I already took my yellow photographs and had so much fun. Nothing like a little assignment to rejuvenate the creative juices!

Thanks for doing this! I think it is awesome!

Allison said...

I was tripping out on the photo of the tree. I'm thinking "Woah! It's mid-summer and your trees are already changing colors!" Haha!

Azzy said...

I have yellow up, yey!!!

Amanda said...

My yellow has been up, I'm just super late letting you know!

Liesl said...

Cute shoes.
I played along yesterday too.
Happy Weekend. :)

-Tee- said...

Hey would you be interested in full length drapes... they are white with yellow flowers. As soon as I saw them in the attic, I thought of your vintage looking bed arrangement. I put them aside, just in case. Oh... and I was given a pile of quilting books for you! Tons of gifts for next time I see you... lol