19 July 2009


a whole new week ahead of us!

Who's got green?

Amy has the most awesomest green necklace.
Theresa has a beautiful old hymnal.
Laura's promising some for later.
I'm loving Liesl's moss and clover.
And Jill is in for the day! ( Hi Jill!)
Azzy's up too!
Amanda has some cute feets.

If you haven't jumped in yet, there's no time like today! Go get your camera, you know you want to!

Green is my favourite colour. Here's some from me:

A stripey baby hat (as worn by a smiling TP roll) for a very special baby...

stripey baby hat

A blossom in the beans

bean blossom

The green section of the boys' bookshelf.

the boys' books

A green binky!


My new LL Bean beach bag.(with some sand still in there....)

LL Bag

Some of my vintage glasses.

vintage glasses

And the IKEA leaf over Harry's bed.

IKEA leaf

And we went to the Barnstable County Fair on Saturday where we saw The Raptor Project, The Great Bear Show, and, oh yeah, Eddie Money! Damn I love the County Fair circuit! Over the years at Barnstable, we've seen Chubby Checker, The Fifth Dimension, Three Dog Night, and The Buckinghams!


Amy said...

love the smiling tp and the awesome glasses. I just finished posting my green!

affectioknit said...

I love all your green - I'll post some now too...

laura said...

i'm back! and back in for green! i'll post later today.

Jill said...

Oh! I have a Green set... it's from a photo project from June. Here's the link:

- Jill

Liesl said...

Lovely greenery. (That hat is adorable!)
I've got my green up over at my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, green! This is way too much fun! I love looking at everybody's pictures!

Well, I'm off to post my green set. Hope everyone has a good one!

Cheryl Arkison said...

What special baby?
Green, one of my favourite colours.

Azzy said...

I am up my dear!!! And the countdown is just about starting, we will be home in a month for about 3 weeks. YEY!

Amanda said...

My green's up, late in the day as usual! Better late than never, right? :)