01 May 2008

three posts in one day?

Angela at the cottage magpie blog is having a colour challenge for yellow ("lello" in our house) and I couldn't help but join in. Here's some fab yellowness happening at Casa Modesto this Spring:

I imagine this daffodil is putting a finger to her lips and saying"Shh..."

A big sign of Spring in our house is the switch to the yellow quilt. The quilt was a wedding present, the pillowcases are thrift finds.

Forsythia finally blooming.

And the tattered (thrifted) chair in Harry's room, his afghan, and beloved lambie.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, Thank you for your kind words on my yellow post. Your sweet quilt was a wedding gift and mine was also, (but my parents wedding was 67 years ago). That makes both quilts treasures.
Kathy b

Simone said...

I do love yellow. It is such a happy colour!

Doe said...

Such lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

Kelsey Smith said...

What beautiful shades of yellow!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh! The lambie picture could not be cuter!