16 July 2009


What I'm reading,

orange on my book

my new shopping tote,

orange flower

the lining of my rainjacket,

orange lining

and yes, my very last package. (It's not like they go bad....)

orange peeps

Who else has orange?

See Amy's doll! Too cute.

And Liesl is in today too!

And Theresa of affectioknit!

Come on Cheryl, join tomorrow? And where are you Azzy?


affectioknit said...

I'm off to search the house for ORANGE items now - I love how it changes your perspective just a little bit to focus on just one colour...



Amy said...

I have orange!

Liesl said...

Count me in for orange.
This is fun. :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

ooh, I missed this... Too much orange in my house to document. And red, and blue...
Lately I'm noticing a lot of the brown in my life. Wonder what that means?

Mona Reva said...

im totally in on this! so fun.

Azzy said...

My orange is up!!!

Amanda said...

It's late in the day but my orange is up too!

Jill said...

Hello Elizabeth!
This is Jill - Matt's wife - in Western NY. Matt showed me your blog recently, and I've been meaning to post/comment/connect with you, but time got away from me.

I'm loving your colour week! I think I'll try it sometime... when? We'll see.

I see you're reading Life of Pi - it is easily one of my favorite books. Hope you're enjoying it!

All the best,