18 May 2008

they're just going to have to be this way.

The last big thrifting trip ended up yielding two posts and I'm thinking that's the new trend around here. There's just too much cool crap I can't buy. and last time, something good came of it, my brother bought those gold and brown dishes and is in love with them. (And now that we're selling eggs at the market, I wish I had bought that fab retro cooler.)
So here's the stuff from today's trip that didn't make it into the cart but still deserves an honorable mention:

A set of place mats with these adorable fruits cross stitched in the corners.
Pretty little designs on casserole dishes. Someday when I have more space, I'll have a pretty little casserole collection. This little owl hanging out on a planter. An incredibly comfortable looking chair with sadly worn material. It just means it was well loved, right?
A wood stove? at Savers? Only $34.99!Super-hip stocking packaging.

But the oddest of all?
Three shelves full of doll heads. Most were those fake Cabbage Patch heads from the eighties, but some had strange clown faces painted on them, see the blue-haired one on the bottom? A couple of cuter clowns made it home, but more on that tomorrow, with the other steals, when the light is more cooperative.


Allison Fouse said...

I really like the place mats. I think it's so cute that the pear is stitched to look like gingham, which is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. That, and run-on sentences. =)

elizabeth said...

acccck! those doll heads are a lil scary!

but everything else is dreamy. especially those placemats and casserole dishes :)