06 May 2008

Tuesday morning thirft trip

This was going to be one huge post, but I broke it into two. I always say I'm going to bring my camera thrifting for all the amazing things I don't actually buy. And I always forget. But today I remembered, so here are a ton of awesome things that I didn't get for one reason or another but still wanted to share. See this post for all the things that came home with me.

And I realized right away that Orange was the color for the day. It must've been Harry's shirt.

These are just a few of the goods that I saw:

Orange enamel double boiler in wicked good condition.

(translation: wicked = super-duper for non-Mass residents)

Also great condition three Orange Corningware mugs

And a slightly different Orange sugar and butter set.

And more goodies in other colours:

An adorable sugar and creamer set.

Kitsch-y Canada Salt and Pepper shakersGreat old Coleman cooler. It was called the Snow-LiteSweet little vintage apron with these little butterflies all over it.An incomplete but still pretty great gold and brown dish set.
If I had more space, It would all have come home with me.


Jess said...

I love that orange stuff!

Simone said...

We don't have thrift stores here in the UK. Well not the part I'm from anyway. We do have various charity shops though but they are usually very small shops. That thrift store you're in looks huge! I would love to have a look around it. Thanks for sharing some of your finds!

Cheryl A said...

Do you go thrifting every week? I should send you a photo of the Fire King mugs I am always looking for and can never find. They are the only thing (aside from fabric) that I actually collect. I have three, that makes a collection, right?