18 May 2008

first yardsale of the year!

Hooray, It's yardsale season again in New England and on our way back from another soggy farmer's market, mum and I hit a great kitchen-y one. Finds included, brand new looking Pyrex super cheap, old-old-old wooden spoons, two rolling pins, and these were my two best finds:

A sweet little Bundt pan. It's very heavy and old. The mark reads: Kaiser, Made in W Germany, but I guess you can see that.

And this book. I had to have it.

I love these outdated cookbooks that end up listing "convenience" foods that no longer exist. This was marking the page for Quiche Lorraine with Bacon. 1982. Almost as old as me.

Oh, and this was at the used book store next to the market.
I think it was twenty cents well spent if only for that cover photo.


asti said...

Fabulous finds...love the pan. It's great to be able to have a rummage again isn't it :)

elizabeth said...

that first book looks like its filled with awesome recipes!!

love the cover on the second one....lol.

and the bundt pan is dreamy :)

Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

OMG! I remember Angelo's! I used to sit at the breakfast counter and watch donuts get fried!