19 May 2008

So what did make it into the carriage?

Okay, not a lot of exciting things this trip, but just enough.

These are the two adorable doll heads that made it home. They're to be sent out in another package waiting for the post. They came with little hands as well.This wonderful carriage blanket. It's 100% wool, throw sized. Made in Portugal. My mum called it a carriage blanket, so I'm going with that.
But the find of the day was this pile:
Two twin sized matching ALPACA blankets for six bucks each! They're so incredibly soft. They're sitting on my front car seat waiting for a proper cleaning before they join the rest of their new family in the antique trunk. I'm minimalist when it comes to most things: dishes, clothes, but blankets are the ting I think you can't have enough of.

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Tee said...

I think we have to go together sometime... I never remember to check that place out and I love some of your findings... lol!