02 June 2008


Okay, I lied.
Mum and I didn't make it to the market (again) because neither of us got any sleep. I'm blaming allergies and teething babies but she's my mum she doesn't need an excuse she works hard enough. The point is we are very sorry and I will be there next week. really.
UPDATE: Mum has Lyme disease. Irony?
On to the photos:

I know I raved all up a storm over Randi's fab lemon bars, but I had to try and alter them a bit to make the family think I was making something new so here is take number two:

Lime Bars.
They're not quite done here, I had to put them back in.
You need more lime juice than lemon but did I measure? No, of course not. And you need a single drop of green colour just for flair. (Yeah, I said flair) Aaaand, if you have them around, you have to add raspberries. Or in my case thimbleberries. I'm still calling them thimbleberries.
Look at the pretty green and pink-ness. I think green and pink is the perfect summer colour combo. When you make these, you will too.


Simone said...

They look delicious!

Anonymous said...

Those look so delicious and summery! And your coasters below are wonderful. I love your fabric choices and the wiggly stitching!

Bee Handmade Stuff. said...

Oh those bars look divine!
Absolutely NO rain predicted for this Saturday. Woo hoo!

Amy said...

Those sound delish!