14 May 2008

Already skipping

Okay, It's only the third wednesday and I'm already changing up -I love to be outside day- . But, I haven't been out yet this morning and this is kind of related. Read on.....

(this isn't the related part.)
I was going on doing nothing the other day and realized there are a lot of other yellow things I love that I missed in that yellow post. So here's their moment to shine.

my very faded yellow chair and a half that I got for my first apartment
a very faded armchair of Nana's that has been added to the family.
My favourite dish ever.

and my apron. pictured here with some second layer mix for Randi's lemon bars.

Have you tried these things? They're amazing and I don't even like lemon. I usually steer quite clear of it, but these are so mild, and fab. Look at these great crunchy corners, conveniently yellow also.
Okay, this is the related part:

How delicious looking are these kiwi pops from Ms Siladeth? I saw them on flickr and had to share the yumminess. It's related because there's nothing like a good homemade freeze pop on a hot sunny day, outside.


Julie said...

Just wanted to say hi and that I enjoyed my visit here.

Simone said...

The lemon bars and kiwi pops look absolutely delightful. The kiwi pops look so thirst quenching!