02 June 2008

flickr fun

I saw this fun on daily obsessions and had to join in.
Am I the last person around to see this?
Click here to see details.

questions mosaic

1. Elizabeth Montgomery On Set, 2. Coquinas, 3. View of the City of New Bedford, Mass., 4. Remixd: It's freezing!, 5. Justin Chambers, 6. 12 Year Old, 7. São Paulo - Brasil, 8. sweet potato pie!!, 9. Simply Black & White, 10. school starts Tuesday, 11. 3.21.2007, 12. illusion

I cheated and went past the first page for a few.

So far this week, I'm a liar and a cheater. Not the best way to start June, haha.


Allison Fouse said...

No, you're not the last person! I just found this today and joined in too. =)

Anonymous said...

I posted mine yesterday evening when I got in from work. The third picture is the name of your high school - the photo i found on Flickr was apparently actually taken at my School.