12 October 2012


this turned into a pinterriffic post…..

Source: 9gag.com via Elizabeth on Pinterest

kills me. for real.

This is what I want for my anniversary. Which was yesterday. Nine years!!


Is it just my kids? or yours too?
Every pair of pants in the laundry has one leg inside-out. Why…?

I walked by the pretty-coloured spray paint display at Michael's and now I'm obsessed. I pulled an old dirty million year-old step stool from the cellar and can't decide which shade to choose. Any opinions? I like Ivy Leaf, but that Catalina Mist is kind of my go-to shade for everything…..

These are a great quick project to keep the kids quiet while trying to throw dinner together. Why is that always the whiniest time of day?

I know it's early but I have like a squillion things I want to bake for the holiday fair at school. Seriously, who could possibly walk past these?

Do you read Pip? She's so stink in' cute. And her stuff over at just b. kills me. I may never have to think of a dinner or gift idea or anything creative on my own again. Seriously, I think this is my menu for the next two weeks….

Also, this is my first ever post from the new Apple.  pretty sweet. A world away from the last computer. I can listen to music AND type a post AND have link windows open AT THE SAME TIME? wicked sweet.

I meant to add some of my own photos to this post but if I say I'll just save it and add them later, this will NEVER get posted. So… next time then, okay?

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Liesl said...

Hey, Happy Belated Anniversary!

Aha! And I just got the top photo. Took me a little while... :)