15 October 2011

it's scream queen season.....

Do you have a favourite scary movie?
Do you watch scary movies at all?
I really like scary movies. I used to say I loved them but hey, parenthood changes things.

My Jacks

I really liked The Orphanage. It's very tense. like, you realize you're clenching you jaw tense, not action thriller tense.

Consensus in my family is that IT is where it's at. We've all watched it a million and a half times. And the scene where Henry Bowers hair goes white kind of still gets me.

And I do love zombies. The old Romero films are so full of cheese they should come with a box of macaroni. LOVE them.

So! I'm hoping to have an all night movie marathon on Halloween night. Popcorn, the boys' bucket of trick-or-treat candy and maybe breakfast at midnight. I think it would make for a good party, with creepy snacks, and of course wine, but Halloween is a Monday this year. sigh. Maybe in 2015 when it's a Saturday...

What are your favourites? Is there a movie that just says Halloween to you?


Cheryl Arkison said...

Um, the Great Pumpkin?

I was never a scary movie fan and could still deal with out them.

PS Awesome yellow shoes!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big fan of scary movies. Not 'cause I'm a 'fraidy cat or anything, I just don't like most of them. Though I did like the Orphanage.

I see you book list on the side there--The Glass Castle is so good! What a life! Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is on my list of books to read too! I just read The Poisonwood Bible and highly recommend it.

(And Happy Belated Birthday!)