18 October 2011

five and five (and five more)


five things giving me heartburn lately...

1. bedtime routine. No matter how many stories we read, baths, stretching and everything else that usually zens them right out, they're still calling mommy! for half an hour after.

2. The price of everything going up and up and then more up.

3. I don't care how many days are left until Christmas. I want to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving first.

4. I think I'm becoming the mom who hates video games.

5. If you do what I tell you to, the first time I tell you to, there will be no yelling/crying/time outs. ( I need a vacation, y'all. alone. )

five things making me happier...

1. Harry coming home from kindergarten with new songs and teaching them to Will.

2. Lower temperatures. finally!!

3. Running more again.

4. Planning Halloween costumes. The boys are going to be Captain Hook and Peter Pan. My tiny little niece will be Tinkerbell! Oh the cuteness! But what are Paul and I going to be for our party!?

5. All that dye and highlights and mess is growing out of my hair and my roots are so healthy now. Stop me if I mention highlights ever again, okay?

five things I need to make soon...

1. This scrumptious looking apple bread pudding from (of course) smitten kitchen.

2. These adorable candy corn cupcakes! how fun would it be to find one of these in your lunchbox?

3. Umm, everything in the latest Sweet Paul.

4. I bought a pretty angora sweater for three bucks ( three bucks!!) to try out this look with.

5. Some of these super cute, wicked easy seeming little ghosties. And these smiling bats. And who doesn't love prize balls?

What's been getting the star in your Google reader lately? On your must-make bookmark list?

Or something been driving you crazy? Tell me, I'm a good listener.

(* scary clown from a recent birthday party. scary clown is like saying round circle. all clowns are creepy, do you think so too?)


Allison said...

I've been wanting to make these: http://craftberrybush.blogspot.com/2010/09/show-called-fall.html

And Deb's apple pie cookies. Oh Lordy.

Roseanna said...

Fall is my favorite...I will be making prize balls for "certain little beans" I love. All clowns are creepy; there is a picture of my bedroom (five yrs old) with a picture of a clown above my bed...what was my mother thinking? It still creeps me out.