28 September 2011

and still, no camera......

I swear I'm alive.

And crafting. but my camera is still dead and my cell phone photos leave something to be desired.

So here's some clicky goodness instead:

I've been making these pumpkin muffins like crazy. Like three times plus once as a birthday cake for my mama. in like, two weeks. ( I used 1 1/4 cup flour and only 1 cup sugar.)

We got to go to the Shelburne Farm Harvest Fair and forget Disney, this is the happiest place on Earth. Great music and dancing, amazing food, a horse drawn wagon ride, the best storytellers I have ever heard. And cheese. Oh the cheese!

the cake in the last photo here is so simple and perfect, I might have to bake today just have some of that beauty waiting on my table.

I had my first knitting lesson on Sunday and I haven't decided if I like it yet. I want to like it. And I want a plain slate blue sweater for the winter. I think I can learn to like it soon.

I'm already dreaming about Christmas crafting. ( it's only 87 days away! ) everyone is getting candy. like these Gumdrops. How about some lollies? and of course Randi's caramels. I've thrifted some really great tins already. Big ones for family, smaller ones for hostess gifts. I'm way excited.

And my big boy is off to kindergarten. ( and my baby! turned four! four!) Is it bad if I'm dying for him to blow out a knee on his new school pants so I can make him these monster patches?

And oh yeah, I turned 30. ;)

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Cheryl Arkison said...

Happy Birthday! (You young thing you!)