29 August 2011

how are you doing it?

99/100 challenge!

Are you Running? Walking? Biking?

Are you working toward 100 miles with us?

* The amazing Jill Marie of a sky full of stars is at 110 miles!
* Laura was at 92.3 over a week ago, so I bet she's closing in now!
* And Missy the History Teacher Extraordinaire is at 136! can you believe it!?

I am so proud of these ladies! They are out and moving their bodies. Stretching to a challenge! And kicking. our. butts! haha!

Well, I have to say that lately has been way harder than that first killer week we had. Since then, we've had Tee's gall bladder out, then she injured her calf. then the other calf, then my wisdom teeth had to come out and I found out the hard way that I'm apparently allergic to penicillin.(ugh....itchy!!) That's a lot of days to lose. But we're back on track now, 24 miles to squeeze in by Monday morning. And with careful planning I think we can pull it off. We really want to make it to 100 for our food pantry. Add us to your prayers if you think of it, will you?

And if you're moving your body, if you're counting miles, if you've even just thought of our little challenge during your summer walks, let me know! I totally want to hear what you think!

The donation button is still over there in the sidebar if the spirit moves you to click and drop in a dollar or two. Every bit counts. We appreciate it more than you know.

In the meantime ... wish us luck, folks. We need it!

1 comment:

Laura said...

Yes, I'm done! Hooray! Finished off my 100 while on vacation (it was a lot better then that sounds!) and still have to blog about it. Thanks for hosting the challenge - great motivation to get running!