05 June 2011

99/100 Week One Done!

99/100 challenge!

We survived the first week!

And our total miles? 14!

I wanted to share today's run, but map my run doesn't want to be my friend today. Hmm.... Oh look, Tee has it!

We're way ahead of schedule. And it's a good thing too because Miss Tee is having her gallbladder out on Tuesday. Yikes! That's going to slow her down for a few days.

How about you? Have you joined in? Gotten up early for a bike ride? Dragged the family out after dinner for a walk?

Tell me how you're going to reach 100!


Jill said...

Now, I feel like a slacker... I only ran 8.

This week is starting out slow. We'll see if I can catch up. :)

Liesl said...

Way to go! Good luck with your challenge! Sounds like a lot of fun!