17 November 2009

(almost) instant gratification

Wool bootie

that's what these little booties are.

I have a hard time finding bootie patterns that are cute and crocheted. Why are all the cutest ones knitted?

Anyway, I had a baby shower fast approaching and needed something extra special for this particular baby.

bootie box

I found this pattern and now I'm kind of, well, bootie crazy. That almost sounds like something else, huh?

But come on, how cute are these? And they can be cuffed down,

Organic cotton bootie

or worn up.

Organic cotton bootie

How cute? So stinking cute.

I can make a pair in about half an hour. I made nine pairs in twenty-four hours. Waiting at the doctor, out having lunch, on the ride to the bank. ( No I wasn't driving, but I bet I could. I won't try though for the sake of other drivers. oooh and pedestrians...)

cutesie buttons optional...

Wool bootie

They'd make some rather cute Christmas ornaments, too. How about one with a little peg doll stuffed in it? Or a tiny candy cane? How about make some red and white stripeys and use them for place card holders at dinner? Or of course, put them on baby feet.

I can't wait to meet the feet these are bound for!

bootie box

ps - I made the following changes to the pattern:
I chained seven, and sometimes eight instead of six.
I made Row 3 in Half Doubles, then added another row of singles on top of it.
I made four and five rows in the cuff depending on the yarn type and weight.


affectioknit said...

Those are so sweet!

Mama King said...

So cute! I am not so talented with crocheting. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift :-)

Cheryl Arkison said...

Oh, those are adorable. And perfect for newborn feet!

Jessica said...

Those are just the sweetest booties!

Momma Kate said...

These are really sweet! I've found other cute crochet patterns over at http://monpetitviolon.blogspot.com/

-Tee- said...

as usual... absolutely adorable!! Trying to get the word out...


Torie Jayne said...

Wow! These are the cutest! I am in love! Have a sweet day!x

Amanda Pedro said...

missing your work and inspirations. come back soon....