17 November 2009

enamel makes anything pretty

new enamel pan 003

this is my new favourite pan.

An enamel cake pan that I picked up for just one measly buck. It's perfect. I'm in love. It's very deep. And it begs to be used everyday.

new enamel pan 008

every. day.

I've made apple crisp, chicken pot pie, this cake and now Honey Cake from Apples for Jam in it last night.

honey cake 002

(Have I mentioned everyone needs to own this book?)

honey cake 003

The honey cake isn't all too sweet so it's perfect for breakfast with a little butter.

Yeah, I gave the kids cake for breakfast. It happens around here more than you might expect.

new enamel pan 007

ps - do not leave the two year-old unattended with a butter dish. lesson of the day.


affectioknit said...

That is a lovely dish!

Leanne said...

I really like this pan too! it's metal? And, I had to laugh about the 2 year old with butter line. it's so true! (and gross!)

Tasha said...

I'M going to start eating cake for breakfast!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gives cake for breakfast. And in our house the 18 month old can't be left unattended with anything!

Mindee said...

Yum! I am now starving!! :) And what a great bargain!

Amanda said...

Apparently when I was little, every time the butter dish went past me on the table I'd swipe my finger out to get some really fast. My parents had to watch me around the butter...

I so want that book!