04 December 2009

all that's been going on. or some at least

Life has been silly busy, people and this little space has been quite neglected.

What have I been doing...?

Holiday-ing, with lots of family time, football time, and baking of course.

Thanksgiving 001

Thanksgiving 032

Christmas crafting, we have a homemade goal this year. ( sure...ask me how that's going, haha!)

novembering 019

afghan WIP 001

A work in progress hanging over my head. ( any guesses? )


vintage rickrack

And of course, lots of love for that new favourite pan of mine.

dutch baby

Thanksgiving 006

new enamel pan 007

pumpkin pie 002

And that doesn't seem like much, really. So why am I all behind and busy and crazy and such?

People, I got a job.

A real, leave the house and see other adults job. Yes folks, three days a week I smilingly carry Italian food from kitchen to hurried guests for their lunches. Can I tell you how hard this is? Not the actual serving part, I'm kind of a natural at that. ( Hey, everyone's got to be good at something, right?) But it's the being away from my boys part. The not living on a whim anymore part. The get up and rush out the door part.

I've got to tell you all, it's really messing with my baking schedule, haha! Wish me luck ( and patience ) please...


Anna said...

Congratulations on the job :)

Amanda Pedro said...

best on the huge adjustment to your life!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Love the colors of the crocheting project. Looks great.

Debi said...

I agree with you... working puts a serious cramp in my crafting, baking, cooking life! Too bad it's necessary if we want to eat! Happy weekend!