19 October 2009

Oh it is on, now.

Phew! I am positively pooped from all the bloggy Halloween partying of the weekend. And some real partying too. Now I'm definitely in full on Halloween mode! Saturday we got up to Quincy market and I saw this beautiful display at Michal Negrin. Couldn't you just grab it all up?

Michal Negrin Window display

And I may have filled my pockets with these gorgeous treats from a candy stop along the way. Which inspired a great idea for some more treats I'll show you later this week.

Yummo chocolate pop 2

For now, I'll share my Halloween bunting I made today with my time that I found with one boy gone for the afternoon:

halloween bunting 2

I may have an event coming up that I'll have to make a whole bunch of these for, so this was great practice. I made a template and rotary cut the triangles then pinned a few together and pinked the edges for the anti-fray factor. Not that I see this getting tossed into the wash anytime, but with boys you never know!

Then I just tucked the fabric into some double fold bias tape and went merrily along. I didn't pin or measure, just eyeballed placement. The best part? Half of the fabric is from cut up old men's buttondown shirts from 99 cent day at Savers! Hooray for being cheap, err...thrifty!

halloween bunting 1

Llawrence Llama approves.

And get this: tomorrow is my three hundredth post! Can you believe it? So we'll have to celebrate! Especially since I skipped right over my two year blogaversary last month.

So more eye candy tomorrow. Maybe real candy, we'll see!


Jill said...


LOVE your Halloween stuffs! Give Lawrence a snuggle for me (and the boys, too, of course).

Jessica said...

I just love that halloween bunting!

Room to Inspire said...

Adore the Halloween Bunting - great fabric!


Amy said...

fun window, and cute banner!