17 October 2009

Halloween Bash!

Welcome Welcome if you're coming over from A Fanciful Twist!

We are so glad to have you!

Come on in and have a look around. I don't have many words for today's bash but the shots can speak for themselves I suppose.

Just a gang of ghouls partying on the forest floor...

Halloween bash hat and broom

Halloween bash 2009

Halloween bash smiley jacks

Halloween bash ghostie boys

Halloween bash Sweets

Halloween bash spider mum

Halloween bash treats

Halloween bash Punkin Princess

Halloween bash roast

Halloween bash the neighbors

Halloween bash tower of sugar ( and garlic)

Fill your pockets friends, I'm off to visit all the other parties.

Happy Hallowe'en!!

Oops! I almost forgot to link back to The Wonderful Vanessa, our super-host!
(ps - thank you husband for helping me setup and photograph and then carry away all the fun! And for not complaining a bit!)


Leanne said...

What fun pictures! I greatly enjoyed this halloween party, such creative decorations!!

Debi said...

Your pictures were such fun to look at. Seems like a wonderful event took place in the woods! Thanks for sharing!

Designs By CK said...

Hi there!

Happy Hallowe'en and great party post!!!

SpOOky Best,
Chris (-:


Anonymous said...

I love your lil' owls! I hope you don't mind but I took one of those big orange gumdrops;)

Princess Crystal said...

Very nice! Thank you for inviting me to your party. Happy Halloween :)

Linda said...

Happy halloween What a forest picnic that is. Lindax
Do drop by

Autumn said...

Your party is so inspiring! I adore each and every detail! Love that you set the stage in the wild woods. The licorice strings and orange gumballs is an awesome idea! Thanks for partying, I've so enjoyed this!
~Autumn Clark

Maggi said...


Such beautiful pictures and candy to boot! Pumpkins sure know how to party! Thank you for a hauntingly good party!

I'm visiting from Beyond to celebrate the spookiest Halloween blog party ever! I hope you are having a fang-tastic time today! You are cordially invited to share in the celebration at my party HERE. I do hope you'll stop by!

Have a spook-tacular day!

laterg8r said...

your huge spider totally freaked me out but i loved the little ghosts and vampire punkins :D

Lisa said...

Loving your little pumpkin ghouls and ghosts. Thanks for the fantastic party - Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween Party to you! :)

Amanda said...

Great job, how fun! I so want to participate in one of these someday...maybe next year.

Melissa said...

Wonderful party! Thanks for having me! Have a spooky Halloween!


Kyla said...

This is so cool and reminds me of the great Halloween parties my best friend used to have in middle school. It's definitely getting me excited about the day!
Thanks for your comment on my blog today. It was so kind and much appreciated! Happy Halloween!

AwtemNymf said...

What a fun & creative post! Love the pumpkins with hats! *swoons* I lurrve pumpkins and those sweets!
I enjoyed my visit! <{:O)
Be Enchanted!

Deborah said...

You wee little pumpkins made me laugh out loud. Very nicely done!
Do stop by and party with Alice and Dead Bob, if you dare!
**kisskiss** Deborah

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Your pictures are wonderful! I enjoyed myself so much at your party. Thanks for inviting me! Have a magical weekend! Twyla

Laume said...

I wanted to do an outside photo shoot. Didn't work so well since I didn't manage to figure out my party plan until after dark! Your pics are cute, specially the teensy little pumpkins and ghosts and the wee little owl!

Pixie said...

Thanks for inviting me to your party, I do apologize for arriving late. Everything looks so wonderful

Karin said...

What a lovely party outside. Thanks for inviting me. Happy Halloween!

Annabelle said...

Now are these blush mushrooms good for the complexion? I think my manual asked for some as a much needed ingredient for the potion to work!

Happy Hauntings and a Happy Halloween too!
A Witch called Annabelle >^..^<

Rhonda Roo said...

I LOVE outdoor Halloween parties! This was very cool, lots of neat shots (magazine worthy!), I had a great time at your party, truly!
(love the licorice and orange jawbreakers coool)
My pockets are filled!
Happy halloween!

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, Great Halloween post! fantastic pics and ideas! Happy Halloween to you!

Sophia said...

What a fantastic party you hosted. How incredibly creative you were!

I'm so glad I made it by. Sorry it took so long, as I can only go so fast with my sleigh!

...now..off to mingle before heading back to the Manor to tend to my own guests that are now eating a feast of a breakfast! :)

Julie Ranae said...

FINALLY fell asleep at someone's party last night...so back to make rounds again today...

Thank you for the invitation...so glad you left the decorations up for me!

Please stop by and see my creative offerings for the party...they're still up, too!


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

Be still my heart, a party in the forest is exactly where I would L O V E to be!!!

Charming haunting perfection!!

Bwuahahahaaaaaaa ~ Thank you for being a delightful part of the festivities ;)

Jessica said...

That looks super fun!

Amisha said...

You take lovely photographs! You should add photographer to your crafty repertoire description

Shell said...

I loved your pictures out in the forest: beautiful.

Chickenbells said...

Oh...you live in the most enchanted of woods! I enjoyed visiting here very much...Happy Halloween!!


slommler said...

Your spider is awesome and the mushrooms are amazing!! Happy Haunting to you. Stop by my party if you have time.

Heather said...

Your party was just absolutely adorable!

Please stop by my party and giveaway!