30 September 2009

Bad Blogger...

I've been so busy with birthdays, Renovations and other mom duties, I've had nothing crafty to post. I'm itching to do something other than my ripply blanket! How often do I only have one craft project going? Um, almost never!

So here's something found on here we are together for now...

Four (odd) Jobs I’ve Had: Gift Wrapper, Photo Repairer, Pizza Maker, Auto Photographer

Four Places I’ve Lived: My Family Farm, My Crummy First apartment, Casa Modesto (now) and does the craft store count? I practically live there...

Four Places I’ve Vacationed: Maine ( Okay all of New England), Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Montreal,

Four of My Favorite Dishes: Sushi! Steamed Mussels, Fresh Salads, *Rare* Steak!

Four Sites I Visit Daily: Facebook, My Google Reader, Youtube, The Weather Channel

Four TV Shows I Love: Grey's Anatomy, Lie to Me, The Office, Bob Ross!

Four Places I’d Rather Be Right Now : Maine at my favourite Campsite, The Beach with a book, A tearoom with some crochet, A tiny waterfront B & B with Paul!

Okay, your turn, let's see your fours!


Laurie said...

We camped at Powder Horn in Old Orchard Beach this summer..we had a blast!
What's your favorite campground?

elizabeth said...

We like Pinederosa in Wells, Maine. The sites are nice and wooded, you're close enough to everything, but not too close!