30 September 2009

link a doo

Just a few things starred from my google reader. Maybe you'll be interested in them too!

Amy is having a fab bag giveaway!

There's a great Punkin Soup Recipe at here we are together.

And the long thread has a ton more recipes to try! You could have a gourmet Halloween with all these!

I really want this new book. Must set up a hold at the library!

This banner is my mantra lately.

All of these palettes at Carina's Craftblog!

Jess's Soup Swap is back on! (Soup swap is fun to say, go ahead, say it out loud, no one's looking...)

Verity has beautiful new prints in her shop.

A cute punkin video, Thanks Pip!

And I really want to move right in with dottie angel, but I'll settle for a couple of these adorable bowls, I suppose.

Okay, that's a good bit of clicking to do for now.
What else?
Of course, a photo for the season, just for fun.

first leaves of fall

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Janet said...

What a gorgeous photo!