22 July 2009


I think I like Violet better than Purple. What do you think? I guess you'll have to click around and see what everyone called their posts.

Theresa says purple is her favourite.
Amy shows more of her gorgeous clothes.
Liesl has beautiful spools.
Mindee has a pretty purple bow.
And Laura has some snazzy sneaks,
Rebecca is in.
And how could Amanda miss Violet day?

Here's some violet for today.

Some more hydrangeas.

violet 1

and lavender.

violet 5

and I don't know what these are. (wait, are these Hostas?)

violet 6

a dress.

violet 3

and Annie's mac and cheese. yummo.

violet 4

and my crochet bag, book, hook case and yarn.

violet 2

Tomorrow is Rainbow day. Post things that are multi-coloured. Or one shot from each day. Or you could make a whole new set in one day. I can't wait to see them all!


affectioknit said...

Lovely purple - it's my favorite colour...

Amy said...

just got my purple posted!

Liesl said...

My purple is up. It was the hardest of all of them!

laura said...

purple was hard. posted and looking forward to multi-color day!

Anonymous said...

You're right! Violet has a more sophisticated ring to it. I like it!

Unfortunately, I already posted my pictures, and I called it purple. Oh well :)

P.s. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous!!

Amanda said...

Love that hydrangea, they're so pretty!

Amanda said...

My purple is up! We share a purple flower. :)

Mona Reva said...

done with purple!

vanessa said...

Violet is a beautiful colour. The hydrangea is gorgeous. I've really enjoyed looking at your days of colour. and all the different ranges in the different colours.
Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

Azzy said...

I'm up, just a little late... So very, very Connor of me (family surname, not son).

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