21 July 2009


there's a whole lot of blue around here. These are just the tip of the iceberg.

dog bed:

blue dogbed

Crochet hooks.

blue hooks


blue colander


blue jacket

One of the collection.

blue Madonna

My Awesome wallpaper.

blue wallpaper

A favourite purse.

blue purse

Ferris Wheel.

barnstable fair

And we had a blue breakfast a few days ago.

blue breakfast

blue breakfast


So who's blue too?

Mindee has a great dress shot.

I'll totally trade my wallpaper for Amy's fairy sign. ( I have almost a whole roll left!)

Theresa has a ton!

Laura's even got blue in her header.

Liesl mananged to make a stain look pretty.

And Azzy has the perfect baby sign!

Amanda's in too!


Anonymous said...

Count me in for today! :) I will post the pictures shortly. I also posted green photos yesterday.

You have so much cute blue stuff! The wallpaper is awesome!!

Amy said...

Can I have your blue wallpaper wall?
It is lovely.
I just posted my blue!

Anonymous said...

Blue is posted!

affectioknit said...

I had lots of blue too...

starrinite said...

how did u know that BLUE is my favorite color...GREAT WEEK!!!!!

laura said...

ok, blue is posted... much harder than the previous colors, i don't have that much blue.

Liesl said...

I've got some blue. :)

Azzy said...

I do, I do... I have blue!

Amanda said...

My blue's up!

Jill said...

Sorry I missed this week - I must ask - What is that wonderful blueberry thing you had for breakfast? I have some berries that need a home and that looks like just the place!
Recipe? :)
- Jill