23 July 2009


Rainbow day!

Theresa's in! And Amy! And Mindee!

And Liesl! and Becca! And Azzy! And Laura!

And Amanda!

The great Granny (af)Ghan.

rainbow 3

Our favourite elephant. (Or at least tied with Horton...)

rainbow 2

The rainbow arranged bookshelf.

rainbow 1

I can't wait to see everyone's rainbows.
Now, tomorrow's the day to show some love to your fellow players!
Post links to your favourites of everyone else's photos in the game. And maybe post your favourite of your own shots?


affectioknit said...

This has been so much fun - thanks for hosting!

Amy said...

I agree! This has been so much fun! Thanks! I just got my rainbow posted!

Anonymous said...

I third the aforementioned fun comment :) It's been a blast!

Well, my rainbow pics are up. And I cannot wait to see everyone else's rainbowlicious photos!


Liesl said...

I'll fourth that comment. :) It's been a ton of fun. And such a great challenge.

I've got my rainbow up.

Mona Reva said...

im in!

Azzy said...

I'm up too! And I got everything up while the sun is shining for once...

M* (Melanie) said...

Rainbow day. What a lovely idea. Not ready today. will you do it again soon?

laura said...

ok, i'm in the process of posting my multi-color day. it's been fun, thanks for hosting :)

Amanda said...

My rainbow is up! This has been a fun challenge, thanks so much for hosting! :)