02 July 2009

right now

Luke snuggles

We're into our second day of dark and stormy around here so we're snuggled down, with books and favourite movies and crochet. And candles at the ready for power outages, the thunder has been incredible.

I'll be back with some pretty, bright photos when the sun is out enough to not warrant the flash. Until then, I'll be baking and Netflix-ing, and otherwise inside-ing, thankyouverymuch.

Is summer ever coming to New England?


Laurie said...


I hear ya! I live in Central Mass and I think we are now on Day 18 of rain everyday! The sun is suppose to come out sometime this weekend!
I'm off to make more wallets and see whats in the Red Box!

Amanda said...

Cute little pup! I love the expression on his face. :) What your weather is doing over there actually sounds pretty cozy. It's up around 95 degrees here - I'd rather have rain. :)

Anonymous said...

Same here--mid 90's. It's not like we're holding on to it out of greed. We'd LOVE some of your rain.

Sweet, sweet face and most unusual coloring...a calico dog? :)

-Tee- said...

I can't wait for the next stormy day cuz I just found a S'mores cake while blogging! lol... definitely making this!! I'll let you know how it goes :o)

Amy said...

I love this baby. Scratch him behind those floppy ears for me.