01 July 2009

under my pillow, etc

under my pillow 2

*Okay, I practically inhaled Mudbound, I read it so quickly. It was a good story and the ending wasn't completely predictable so I'm pleased with it.
*A Homemade Life is something I've been eyeing since Jessica posted about it awhile back, I'm halfway through and now I'm kind of rationing it out, too.
*And that cheese book has a date with me and Kathryn some Friday night soon.

And last week's books? Read We Took to the Woods. It's written so perfectly, the voice is so casual, it's like listening to someone you've known forever. I definitely need to own it. And I NEED to get Vegetable Love. Three words: Avocado. Ice. Cream.

30 June

And I'm grannyaday-ing again, this time some sunbursts. That's actually navy, not black but the sun was so bright the camera was overwhelmed, I guess. I want to make something big enough for my bed, we'll see how long until I get bored, haha, as always

(pattern here, scroll and click on the left)

Check out this afghan. Love it. I'll be glad if mine is half as cute.
and this one.
Okay, one more.


affectioknit said...

I love that afghan!!!

Amanda said...

I just love granny squares! Alas, I only know how to knit. I always soak up other people's pictures of them though. :) I'll have to read A Homemade Life, it was on my list and I forgot about it! It sounds amazing.

Anna said...

I love that afghan, such beautiful colours. I have been eyeing My Homemade Life for a while it looks like a wonderful book

Jessica said...

I'm glad you are enjoying A Homemade Life! I need to put Mudbound on hold at the library right now!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I just finished A Homemade Life last week. It was very enjoyable.