04 July 2009

I hope you get to see fireworks

Australia Day - fireworks
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Today I am grateful for:

*My husband and I understanding each other.
*My brother and our annual walk around the artisan fair downtown.
*Throwing together dinner with what's left in the fridge and having it be awesome.
*Water fights.
*My brother and his wife nearby.
*Another whole day to celebrate.
*A wonderful person to watch my house.
*Vacation starts Monday! Vermont and Maine and family that we miss, here we come!

I hope your day was just as great. I'll try to pop in during the week, otherwise, be back in a bit.


Anna said...

have a lovely vacation enjoy your family time (it sounds like you will appreciate it)

Regis said...

So sweet. Definitely great things to be thankful for. Enjoy your vacation! Love you all.