24 July 2009

Link Love

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Thanks so much to everyone who played along in this colour challenge. I had a blast and I'm so glad that you did too! We'll have to do this again. Maybe in the winter like Liesl said, when colours are harder to find? (And we no doubt will need some bright colours for pick-me-ups!)

So now, here are my favourite shots of the challenge. They were hard to narrow down!

Laura's Red Sneakers.
Amy's Doll.
And Liesl's shot of the tiger lily.
Theresa's towel.
Amanda's Squash! ( love me some pattypan )
Mindee's sunflower. This is such an amazing shot I think.
Laura's Bowls.
Liesl's Moss and Clover.
Jill's tiny flowers.
Connor looks extra cute in green frosting!
Mindee's dress.
Laura's pencils.
you wake him, you take him!
Liesl's spools.
fuzzy purple flowers from Rebecca.
Amy's spools.
Mindee's pens.
Pins that I was sure were lolipops. oops.

And these are my favourites of my shots.

violet 5

blue breakfast

my scissors

And here's a list of everyone who participated in case you missed any days!
In no particular order...

Amy at Vintage Fern
Amanda at Violaceous
Theresa at Affectioknit
Liesl at Lieslmade
Laura at Laura's Birdnest
Rebecca at Mona Reva Smile
Azzy at Being Azzy
Kathryn at Le Chateau de Sable
Mindee at Photographee by Mindee
Jill of A Sky Full of Stars

Thanks again everyone!


Liesl said...

It's been a great week! Thanks again for hosting this and thinking up such a clever idea. :)
I'll have my links post up later!

Mona Reva said...

it has been fun!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Amanda said...

Thanks a bunch for hosting this, it was a great idea and lots of fun! I'd love to do this again sometime. :)

Amy said...

Thanks for hosting colour week! I never got around to the links day, things got crazy around here, but this has been fun!

Soon, Then said...

dang. wish i had known about this and you sooner! i love color week!