15 July 2009


colour logo thing

Okay red is admittedly not my favourite colour. I don't wear it, I don't really buy it but somehow it does sneak into my home in little places.

A jar of marbles that was my Nana's.


Harry's little truck from Auntie Amy.

H's truck

My beaded purse.

beaded purse

My old scissors, also Nana's.

my scissors

and my cupcake carrier.

my cupcake carrier

and of course, yummo, jam.

scones and freezer jam 2

Who else is playing today?

Amy is in.

and Amanda,

and affectioknit, (I don't know your real name!)

and Laura's way ahead of schedule.


Amy said...

I just made my post!

-Tee- said...

ooohh... I have to go to work, but I definitely want to post when I get home... hehe!

affectioknit said...

I'm in - RED was so much fun!!!

laura said...

i'm in for today! (and thursday and friday - but i'm doing them today because i'll be out of town).
so much fun!

Amanda said...

I'm in!

Kyla said...

Really cool pictures!

Liesl said...

OK, I'm in for red. A day late. But I'm in! :)

Azzy said...

I'm up!!! I'm finding myself searching for these colors. I love it... But I love Nana Modestos marbles even more!!!