11 July 2009


I'm back from vacation but more of that later, there's much more important things!

See this!

first zucc

Do you know what it is?


That's right! The first zucchini of the summer! Hooray!

I think it looks like a smile...

zucchini smile


And this, a whole bowl of Asian peas for dinner tomorrow. Yippee!

I have a ton of photos to share from vacation, and lots of links and places to share.

And a question. I was clicking about all vaca and in the yard this afternoon and in wonder at all the colours at this time of year and I thought would anyone be interested in doing a color-study week, like a rainbow week, Monday:Red, Tuesday: Orange, etc? (Pardon the run-on sentence, people who know me in "real life" know this is how I talk when I'm excited about something.)

So what do you all think? I could make some cute rainbow-y logo and you could mention it on your blog? I'd be mighty obliged. We could start Monday. Or another day, let me know.


Azzy said...

I think it is a great idea!

Amanda said...

Mmmm, zucchini! My dad always grows way too much, so we get a bunch of them all summer - yay! I think that rainbow idea sounds totally fun! I'd be up for it!

Anna said...

those snow peas look delicious. They are in season here now and I have been enjoying snow pea and mushroom stirfry and snow pea salads. Rainbow idea sounds like a good challenge will look forward to seeing everyone's posts when I am back from holidays :)

Jessica said...

I think next weekend will be the first weekend for zucchini here..and I can't wait!

Laura said...

Rainbow week would be fun! And give me a goal to blog about. :)

Little B Bunny said...

I'd love to do a color study! Are we starting today?

Liesl said...

We've just started picking zucchini too. It just isn't summer without fresh veggies from the garden.
The rainbow week sounds like fun. :)

Amy said...

yummy veggies! The color week would be fun!