20 May 2009

Yesterday was on of those days.
A So Very Not Zen Mommmy day.
A: million time-outs, lots of yelling, and tearing the two boys off eachother day.
A:Paul called to say hi and I told him I was probably going to kill one of them, but if he liked, he could choose which, kind of day.
But then Will went for nap and Harry and I had lunch outside and I actually got to sit down with my yarn and then I wondered.
How will I feel when they're not here, off to school all day? What will I do when I can sit down anytime with my yarn. Will it lose it's appeal? Will I be lonely? I'm sure.
Harry is sitting like an angel on the swing munching his sandwich and chatting away. And Will is always so grateful when you lay him down for nap, he laughs and snuggles right in so perfect. There are certainly times that them being out of my hair for hours at a time sounds wonderful, but right now was not one of them anymore. I wanted my babies to stay babies.
What will I do when they don't need me to help open their Oreos?



Azzy said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa... Tearing them apart. I didn't know this when I joined the 16 months apart club. But like you said, one day it will pass and you will miss them being by your side looking at you as their hero. My mom said it is a couple of years after they are in school, the first two you enjoy the peace & quiet.

As for Will & his willingness to nap, I may need to rent him to coach Connor on napping etiquette & keeping mommy sane! :) See you in a few! yey!

Karen said...

thank goodness someone else is yelling...
some days i lose my patience. then I feel sooooo guilty. it is a difficult place to be, that wanting them to be babies and still wanting them to grow - that place where you want a piece of your own life back but you still can't bear to let them go. sigh. yes, i know that place. it is a difficult, yet lovely, place... and quick as a wink, I hear, it will all be gone. I have been told that we are lucky to be in the place that we are, with these little people, because if we slow down, and take that moment to enjoy it all, these truly are the very happiest days of our lives.