21 May 2009

vintage lovelies

hankies 1

hankies 2

A couple of pretty hankies I picked up in a yard sale last weekend.
I also stumbled across a rummage sale where I found more goodies and got some cute kids' books. This is Harry's fave right now.

croc-gu-phant 001


And one more sale on the way home where I scored a brand new bread machine for ten bucks! whoo-hoo!

I'm really excited this weekend for a huge church sale down by the beach. Mum and Auntie and I aer all headed down. I'm excited to have an excuse to go to the retreat center at all, it's gorgeous there, I will definitely have my camera in hand. We'll be there as soon as it opens, so wish me thrifty luck!


Amy said...

pretty vintage hankies, I love them!

littlelovelies said...

very cute photo of the hankies - you should get few more and make a sweet panel curtain with them! x nadine

Jessica said...

Now that really is the coolest book, EVER!

teresa p said...

I had this book as a kid! Found your blog through SMS. Lovely!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL vintage hankies and lovely photographs as well.