19 May 2009

I'm still in.

29 April

01 to 14 May

I'm still grannying along. I was playing hooky (no pun intended, I just caught that proof-reading.) for awhile though and now I have to play catch up. If I can do two a day, I can make something big enough to go on the couch instead of a doll bed. That should be no problem. My new bedtime routine is a pile of yarn with a big cup of tea and my iPod.
Way early.
As soon as the boys are down, lately.
Like eight o'clock sometimes, haha!


Amy said...

so pretty! love them

Anna said...

Your choice of colours is very soothing

mandapanda said...

Wow! you have been busy! They look fantastic put together like that. It really stands out, but in a subtle way. I really like it! Keep them up and you'll have finished a wrap in no time!