20 April 2009

time is getting away from me.

This is the blur that's been the past week to me.

*We got a new camera, hooray!
*cleaning up the last of the Easter bits. These were our thumbprint bunny place cards. Yay washable markers! Both boys really liked watching those prints turn into bunnies.

*playing with friends until we just fall asleep on the floor has been popular.
*lots and lots of scones from this wonderful book.
*playing outside and finding new buds and bits and bugs everyday. (More on that tomorrow...)

*My beautiful niece got dedicated.

*And grannying along. Here's yesterday's.

And not really blogging. oops. So much for that resolution. Well, it's Monday again, I'll try harder this week, haha!


Karen said...

you got a new camera? what did ya get? isn't that the greatest day? the day you get a new camera is THE GREATEST DAY! just my opinion....
and your little niece...she is delish.... yummy!

Azzy said...

OMG, L has changed so much already. I can't wait to see all the kiddies in a month. By then, they will have changed even more. Love the new pics with the new camera! What did you get?

Cheryl Arkison said...

Scones... mmm, I think I have some baking in my future.