15 April 2009

We had a great Easter filled with blurry photos of kids running (to baskets), climbing(on Uncle Regis), and crawling ( to find eggs). A full house with all ages of family, new ideas, and old-old-old traditions and a long day of laughs.

And even though we never got around to dyeing eggs, we had some snazzy new smocks for the job!

They were very easy. I just fused together four target bags, cut a deep U shape at the top, (so it extended up over his shoulders) and added ties at the neck and waist with some double fold bias tape I had lying around. It's a great practical recycling project. We'll be using these for finger painting for sure.

There's some great fusing plastic tutorials around. Try this one from Etsy labs, or Threadbangers, or Craftzine.

ps. I'm so in on this Granny a Day til the end of May at Meet Me at Mike's.

It's just the motivation I need. Go check it out.


Jessica said...

That's a great idea!

Azzy said...

Such cute little art smocks!

Emily said...

I teach four-year-olds, and I'm thinking this would be a cheap way to make smocks for all of them... I was wondering though, how would you make them larger, to cover more surface area, for larger kids?

Little B Bunny said...

Excellent idea! I'm going to have to try this one.

Karen said...

ok - you're a GENIUS. Target bags for smocks? really. you are a g.e.n.i.u.s.