20 April 2009


So daddy did some raking and whatnot and guess what he found?
a colony of snails.
a plethora of snails.

about thirty-five snails.
Big snails, small snails. perfect size for chubby little baby fingers snails.

This one kept charging the camera...

Now let me tell you, I generally don't like snails. They're just dressed up slugs. And slugs give me damn nightmares. (I'll take just about any bug, as long as it has under nine legs, or more than three.) but these were so photogenic. I wanted to crochet a little hat for each one!


Jessica said...

I think I could call spring "snail season" here, too!

Karen said...

so the new camera seems to be working great!
I was shocked to see your snails in shells - here in VA they don't have shells (the shells make them pretty and tolerable) - and,yes, we call them slugs. I think they are the same species?

Amanda said...

Those are wonderful pictures! I think snails are cute but they creep me out just a little bit too. :)

e.c said...

Haha that's too cute.
I just plain hate bugs. It's a personal problem.