22 April 2009

Earth Daaaay!

It's Earth Day!

And I had every intention of posting some fused plastic reusable bags.
But I've had no time to make those bags, so I think I'll just list a couple tiny things that we do to help the Earth.

* Save your bread bags, bags from cereal boxes, and the like and use them instead of buying more sandwich bags. Or instead of those flimsy produce bags at the market. They're heavier and can be rinsed and reused forever. (Or use them for "dog-walking" bags. The opacity is in your favvor there.)

*Use those reusable bags you bought but keep forgetting at home! Use them for all your shopping, not just the marketing. Lots of stores have bags that fold up tight to stay in your purse so you can always have one on hand, if not, roll one up and wrap an elastic around it. Still forgot? Ask for paper.

*Make all your stops in one trip. Instead of going out two or three times to do your errands, make one big trip and save the gas!

*Save those mile-long receipts that chain stores give you and use them to write yourself notes, grocery lists, anything that you need a scrap paper for.

*turn off the tv. and radio. and extra lights.

*Save and reuse your paper takeout/drivethru bags. Most foods are individually wrapped anyway so these usually stay pretty clean. (bonus: The kids will be thrilled when you make burgers at home and present them in these bags.)

What are your little green tricks?


Michele said...

Great ideas Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing them...I'll try to remember to do more for the earth..I feel like I'm so scatter brained these days!


Nikki said...

I know it's not Earth Day anymore (heh, EVERY day is Earth Day!) but here are some of my green tricks: Reuse aluminum foil, especially if I'm wrapping the same things (i.e. sandwiches). If you don't fold it too much, it lasts FOREVER.
Make notebooks (use staples or a paper punch and brads) out of scrap paper-decorating them is a fun project for all ages!
Unplug small appliances like the toaster and coffee pot when they're not in use to save energy (this also prevents turning around halfway to work to make sure you turned the coffee pot off!)
If I use a paper towel to wipe up water, I let it dry and reuse it. (I really need to stop using so many!)
Hope someone finds these tips helpful!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I find I am far more conscious of things before they even come in the house. Should I buy that because it is in a bag, in a box, then wrapped in plastic?

We walk for a lot of errands - helps me get some exercise too!

The Monster loves to cut things. So she cuts the drawings she's made. And now she glues those cut pieces to other drawings. So resourceful!

Instead of buying new paper for her crafting she is happy with the to-be recycled office paper. One -side is good with her, and often both sides (even with the printing) are just fine).

Buy local! Not just food, but support your local businesses over the chains too. Counts with booze and convenience stores in our house.