05 March 2009

what does three weeks off do to your google reader?

It backs up with 343 unread items!

And makes me wonder how many separate windows I can have open before this machine crashes on me. Just for the record, It's apparently more than eleven, that's how many I have right now!

Here are a few things I missed, that maybe you did too, that I thought were noteworthy.

*Yummy, sprinkly, chocolately banana snacks that would brighten up any playdate. (Or evening on the couch watching Grey's I think.)

*This springy bag has me dreaming of smelling flowers and long walks without ten layers of sweaters on. See her cute blog, too.

*I love the prints in this etsy shop. Faves are this and this. Of course, being from a fishing town, it should read: A seagull with a french fry!

*Since my wardrobe needs some updating for spring, I think I could pick up some big tees on clearance and try out this great pintuck look!

*And if you don't read doe-c-doe, get over there. Her photography makes me smile. And drool usually, she gets the best thrift scores!

I'm really liking all the brights of my dishes here. What's inspiring you today?


Katie said...

3 weeks? For just yesterday and half of today I had almost 600!

-Tee- said...

OK... that banana post reminded me of a recipe I saw in Parents about a year ago! you cut the banana up and roll each piece in graham cracker crumbs, then puree some strawberries with a little sugar and you have "banana nuggets and dipping sauce" that look like chicken nuggets. I am sooo making them for the kids when I get home!

Sara Ellen said...

Google reader is great and simplifies blog reading for sure. But when you see that large number of unread posts the feeling does sometimes reverse itself.