08 March 2009

my new favourite dessert, or, how to turn a cupcake disaster into something pretty.

And use up some jam you have that you like enough but maybe don't love. I realized I have way too much blueberry jam. way too much. I'm not the biggest fan of blueberries to begin with, and this winter has really worn me out on the jam as well.

Back to the dessert. Somehow, I managed to dump an entire hot pan of cupcakes over into the oven while I was trying to take them out. Not good. One even managed to roll to the very back of the oven requiring tongs and oven mitts and a prayer to get it out without burning myself. A whole dozen cakes scrunched up beyond repair. No problem.

Step one: Whip up some instant vanilla pudding.

Step two: Layer it with the offending jam and crumbled cake in some leftover clear plastic cups.

Step three: Feed it to the husband and brother who will eat anything as long as it's presented nicely.

Tada! cupcakes resurrected and half a jar less of jam in my fridge.

Plus, I get to eat all the leftover pudding.


Alexis said...

That looks delicious!

Allison Fouse said...

Very creative! Glad you didn't burn yourself.

-Tee- said...

good job! Another thing you could do is mash all the fragmented pieces into a bowl with a container of frosting and roll them up into 1" balls... tada... truffles! Roll them in confectionary sugar, cocoa, coconut, or even dip em in chocolate and you are queen of the kitchen!!

Amy said...

Great save!

I got my charm squares today! Thanks so much I love them. Can't wait to get busy sewing!!!

Di said...

It looks really good to me - a great save from near disaster!

Karen said...

Have I mentioned that you are a creative genius?

cathleen said...

Oh..yummy...you are making my mouth water for dessert!

Soon, Then said...

Yum! I bet I would love this. One of our random and unique holiday traditional foods is a layered dessert that closely resembles this. It layers graham cracker squares, whole berry cranberry sauce, vanilla pudding and cool whip. It cracks me up because we are usually a bit more "gourmet" than this, but you can't beat a delicious tradition!!!

Jackie said...

Oh that does look yummy. What a wonderful idea!
: )