10 March 2009

springy little things

Just a new little runner I picked up at the antique hall. Add to that some gumballs that have come to live in a vacant Ball jar and some tiny roses and I have one cheerful table to wake up to.

And what is that I'm holding? One of my own prints! (pardon the wonderful cameraphone quality...) I gave it to the thrift shop because I was sick of looking at it on the wall and someone must've thought it was worth something! I was so excited I just about floated over to where Paul was to show him!

And then some sunshiny yellow in a little display that caught my eye. Those distressed stools make me dream of a little canopy to hide out of the sun and cold iced tea. Ooh and maybe a deck of cards.

The weather is promising today, but tomorrow looks like more misery from the skies. I can't take these ups and downs! Hurry up spring!


shelia said...

looks like you scored some cute finds at the antique hall!!!
i'm with you...yesterday 70, turned off the heat last night and today its FREEZING!!!
come spring :)

Jessica said...

I love those yellow stools! Here it is super windy, but at least it hasn't rained yet today (the past six days = rain!) Spring will come very, very soon!

Karen said...

I love your photos.
Maybe one day my photos will grow up to be your photos. :)

caroline said...

Oh, I ADORE those yellow stools!

And that is a great print!

Michele said...

Hi Elizabeth ~ oh my gosh...thank you so much for all my treasures! I got my box yesterday and I was so excited, I almost forgot to take pictures. But I didn't, and hopefully, I'll have time to post them soon. I absolutely love everything and I already brought my lunch carrier today to work!

You're the best!