25 March 2009

lazy daisies.

It started with this runner I picked up at the antique shop.*

(*I live with three messy boys. Tablecloths are not an option. Short runners, or pretty cloth napkins on the center of the table will have to do!)
Then I found this book while thrifting.

It's full of so many great ideas, and I just love all the old illustrations and photos, more on that some other time, it really needs a post of it's own. So when I was flipping through with my tea one morning I found the bit on embroidery and I saw this:

And I realized that's what was on the runner, see? And I thought, hell, I can do that...
And I have been. A good sized scrap of white and some sherbert-y colours later and this is what we're looking like. Ignore the wrinkles, we're still in progress...

This will be one of the cloths that lives on the dining table. I'm thinking of maybe doing some pillowcases, too.
And I think that receipt file needs something. And so many other things. Easter gifts?
More lazy daisy goodness:
A pretty sweater.
A busy cluster.
A simple chair cushion.


Amy said...

So cute! I especially love the sweater idea!

Allison said...

I remember having a couple of those make and do books when I was a kid, and I remember eating them up.

Jessica said...

I loved learning to make those daisies ... they are the only embroidery stitch I can do. I put them on knit baby caps.

Cheryl A said...

Wow, you are much better than I am. Embroidery scares me.